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Are you trying to find the most effective way to lose weight? Saxenda is the most practical appetite suppressant medicine, which, along with a balanced diet and increased physical activity, will help you significantly reduce weight in 3 months. On this page, you will find all the helpful information about this drug and get advice on where to buy Saxenda in Australia at the best price!

What is Saxenda, and how does it work for weight loss?

The new weight loss drug Saxenda has already changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Its effectiveness has been proved by clinical studies and positive reviews on forums. This medicine is a premium class solution for people who struggle with diabetes of the second type and excess weight. With the help of Saxenda injections, hundreds of thousands of obese adults and children aged 12 and older are already successfully fighting overweight.

Why has weight loss injection Saxenda become so popular? This drug is very effective and very convenient to use. Thanks to its active ingredient – liraglutide, it actively suppresses appetite, restoring the natural metabolism in the body. One course of admission lasts three months, during which you can lose an average of 5-6% of the total body weight. At the same time, the Saxenda drug positively affects other body systems, improves the functioning of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, and promotes more thorough absorption of nutrients from food.

Today you can easily buy Saxenda for weight loss in Australia. Especially for you, we have created the NeverGiveUpTeam community, where you can buy a Saxenda pen saving money and time. Further on this page, you will learn more helpful information about this drug’s benefits and the methods of buying Saxenda (Australia).

 Saxenda injection ingredients

The active ingredient of Saxenda for weight loss medicine is liraglutide – a synthetic analog of human GLP-1. This substance stimulates insulin secretion and influences brain receptors responsible for appetite. Liraglutide is 97% homologous to human GLP-1. The addition of fatty acid C-16 (palmitic acid) has a more prolonged effect on the body’s beta cells (up to 12 hours). The drug’s inactive ingredients are disodium phosphate dihydrate, propylene glycol, phenol, and water for injection.

How to get Saxenda in Australia?

Saxenda weight loss medicine has already managed to become a sales leader worldwide.

At the same time, the question has become popular: where to buy Saxenda in Australia? Can I buy it online? How much does this medicine cost? Can I order delivery to my city?

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Saxenda 3 pen pack

Are you just going your way of getting rid of excess weight and have chosen to use Saxenda? NeverGiveUpTeam will help you buy a Saxenda 3 pen pack. The total volume of the purchased drug will be 54 mg of the active substance. This volume will be enough for you for the first few introductory weeks of therapy. In the future, you will be able to repeat the purchase or choose a package with a large number of pens.

How much does Saxenda cost in Australia? We have already helped thousands of people who asked this question and didn’t get reasonable offers. Today, hundreds of people who want to change their lifestyle and effectively get rid of excess weight buy Saxenda online. How does the NeverGiveUpTeam community manage to provide Saxenda best price for customers? Our trusted sellers are well aware of the problem of excess weight and are always eager to help you.

Another factor why this drug has become so popular is the convenient division of the drug into doses and the profitable Saxenda priceline. You can buy Saxenda (Australia) for several weeks at a time or for the entire three-month course. Moreover, you will be able to practically calculate the volume of the drug that you plan to use in the coming weeks since there is 18mg of active substance in one pen. The starting dose is 0.6 mg, meaning you will spend 4.2 mg during the first week of intake. Trusted sellers from the NeverGiveUpTeam community will help you choose the best Saxenda pen price.

How much weight will I lose on Saxenda?

To get a visual idea of the average weight loss with Saxenda to the official statistics obtained by clinical studies. We will focus on the study conducted by the University of New England in 2015. The experiment involved 3,731 adults with a BMI greater than 27. The investigation was conducted for 56 weeks, during which 2487 people received 3.0 mg of liraglutide and 1244 people received a placebo. In addition to taking liraglutide, all participants had to follow a diet and increase physical activity throughout the day.

The study determined that, on average, 76% of people from the liraglutide group lost weight by 8.4-7.3 kg. At the same time, the average weight loss among participants in the placebo group was 2.5 kg.

More than 10% of the liraglutide group was able to get rid of 10% or more of the original weight. You can see the dynamics of weight loss in the liraglutide group in the following table. It shows the number of kilograms the general group managed to get rid of for weeks.

Week number Liraglutide group (kg loss) Placebo group (kg lost)
0-4 1.2 0.4
4-8 1.9 0.9
8-12 2.2 1.2
12-16 2.8 1.6
16-20 3.2 1.75
20-24 3.6 1.90
24-28 4.1 2.2
28-32 4.6 2.35
32-36 5.3 2.50
36-40 6.2 2.67
40-44 7.2 2.70
44-48 7.8 2.78
48-52 8.6 2.85
52-56 9.3 2.95

This table shows the statistics of the average weight loss of the entire liraglutide group, consisting of 2,487 people. During the 56 weeks of the experiment, the liraglutide group did not reach the plateau. The placebo group was on it already at the 28th week.

Saxenda weight loss reviews Australia

Rosaline : You will find more about the effectiveness of Saxenda and the best methods to buy it in Australia below on this page. Many customers who have already purchased Saxenda (Australia) share comments about their experience.

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